For those who want to renovate their home in Tuscany

Fornai Real Estate, which is built on a team of highly qualified experts, is able to give you a post-sales support covering all your needs; starting from partnerships with studies of surveyors.We can also offer work management, expert advice and planning. Furthermore, we make the Construction Company of Emilio Fornai available to you for the duration of the whole work of construction and renovation.

Please contact Emilio Fornai at the mobile number 0039 335 5322198 for estimates, expert advices or appointments.

Financing Services

Fornai Real Estate rely on a team of qualified financial experts and credit consultants which will recommend and suggest to customers the best products for funding (mortgages, loans and leasing) to purchase a property or an asset.
We are aware that access to credit is extremely difficult nowadays, so it is very important and useful to identify the right person who can advise you on the right financing for your home.

For those interested to Sell

We are able to value the features of your property because we want to convey the emotion of its soul to the market.

Services at your disposal

  • • Advices for assessment
  • • Identifying the best market for your sale: national or international
  • • Assistance in the analysis of sale technical and legal documents
  • • Professional photo shoot inside and outside
  • • Graphic design for property's feature
  • • Publishing of the sale on national and international trade magazine
  • • Promotion within international events
  • • Careful purchaser's management and selection of the purchaser
  • • Preparation of the preliminary contract and the purchase agreement
  • • Service of translation
  • • Full assistance to the purchase agreement

Would you like to suggest your property?

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We will be happy to offer our assistance and expertise.

For those interested to Purchase

We only choose the best products on the market, because we want you to feel a real emotion.
Our main goal is to understand your dreams and help you realize them, for this reason we pay attention to your needs.

Services at your disposal

  • • National and international customized searches
  • • Sending detailed information related to a full photo shoot
  • • Full description of the property, price and geographical position with the distances from urban centres
  • • Guide to visit the properties
  • • Scheduling of inspections and leading guide to visit the property
  • • Legal and technical advice and bank loans (mortgages) at subsidized prices
  • • Preparation of the preliminary contract and the purchase agreement
  • • Service of translation
  • • Full assistance to the purchase agreement

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